Enneatech Logo weiss
Enneatech Logo weiss

The leading manufacturer of plastic granules

Sustainable and ecological – with the same quality as new goods

The leading manufacturer of plastic granules

Sustainable and ecological – with the same quality as new goods

Our core business and expertise is in polyamide granules, customised compounds and innovative polyamide fibres.

Entron eco Compounds Label


The polyamide (PA) of the future – for sustainable and CO₂-neutral plastics. Our polyamide compounds are designed for technical applications in construction, electrical engineering, automotive and mechanical engineering.

Entron eco granules label


Includes the polyamides PA 6.6 and PA 6, which are produced from sustainable raw materials. In this way, we work with our customers to reduce climate-damaging CO₂ emissions for future generations.

Enneafil Fibres Label


The high-performance polyamide fibre for concrete optimisation with outstanding mechanical properties and a wide range of applications in concrete processing.

Enneatech company label


Excellence, quality and innovation. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are considered one of the leading manufacturers of sustainable engineering plastics in Europe. This is also thanks to our customers, who have put their trust in us over many years.


We make plastics sustainable

Climate protection is one of the most urgent challenges of our time. This also applies to the plastics processing industry: every metric ton of CO2 saved benefits future generations. Producing products in a way that protects our grandchildren has been our basic idea ever since the company was founded.

Moorlandschaft Timmeler Tief
We produce engineering plastics for important industries with a focus on recycling and conserving resources – from the raw material to the finished product. In this way, we enable our customers to reduce their carbon footprint significantly. Our goal is for all plastic processing companies worldwide to use sustainable plastic granules. Because recycling makes an enormous difference to the CO2 balance: the amount of CO2 saved by using one metric ton of ENTRON eco, for example, corresponds to almost one road trip around the world*.

* based on a car using 7 l of petrol/100km, compared to new product

Raw materials with a past – plastics with a future.

10 reasons why you should work with us

10 reasons

why you should work
with us

# 1


in near-prime quality

# 2

Conserving resources
or the environment and

future generations

# 3


of engineering plastics

# 4

Highest quality


# 5


with state-of-the-art technology

# 6

Over 30 years
of experience

in the plastics industry

# 7

A focus on custome

at all times

# 8

Reliable and

thanks to high production capacity

# 9

North German

We remain down-to-earth, clear, open and honest.

# 10


innovative and forward-looking

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Our quality assurance leaves nothing to chance and is always focused on the best possible results.

The ENNEATECH laboratory is an integral and crucial part of our certified ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and is involved in virtually every step of our work. All our material flows are monitored from the raw material to the finished product – whether granules, compound or polyamide fibre — Qquality management has a special status at ENNEATECH AG. Behind this is an awareness that only through constant improvement and continuous innovation can we meet the demands of a dynamic, global and increasingly sustainable market.

Zwei Mitarbeitende im Enneatech Labor

With our colleagues, we are always striving for the best solution – for our customers and the environment. Enthusiasm for our products and developing them with a focus on the customer is what sets our company apart.

«What we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow.»


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Enneatech Logo weiss
Enneatech Logo weiss
Enneatech Logo weiss
Enneatech Logo weiss
Enneatech Logo weiss
Enneatech Logo weiss