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Certified waste management company: Recyclate is created only from waste

Drohnenaufnahme eines zertifizierten Entsorgungsfachbetriebs

Without certification as a specialist disposal company for plastic waste, Enneatech would also not be able to produce PA recyclate. Because one is directly linked to the other: German legislation defines the term recyclate as a secondary raw material obtained through the recovery of waste or produced during the disposal of waste. That is why […]

New job title: Plastics and rubber technologist

On 1 August 2023, the skilled occupation in the plastics industry got a new look: The process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology became the plastics and rubber technologist. Since the previous training regulations date back to 2012, the topics of digitalisation and sustainability were given greater weight in the course of the reorganisation: Digitalisation […]

Our trainees get to know the company from A to Z: all employees, all areas and all processes.

Svea has purchased raw materials and supplies, processed incoming and outgoing goods, organised transports, prepared customs documents, fulfilled customer requests, attended trade fairs, participated in customer and supplier meetings, gained experience abroad during her internship in Malta, become a TikTok star, organised a wide variety of events, provided marketing support and received further training as […]

An employee portrait of Ugur Alparslan

Ugur Alparslan

“No airship will ever fly from New York to Paris.” Wilbur Wright Ugur Alparslan – our Head of Research and Development – provides insight into his daily routine, demonstrating how he redefines the boundaries of what is possible. Versatile expertise for successful results at ENNEATECH Ugur Alparslan has been following the activities of ENNEATECH with […]

Genuine recyclates – definition and terms

Genuine recyclates

Without waste there is no recyclate! For: In 2020, German legislation defined the term recyclate as “secondary raw materials obtained through the recovery of waste or produced during the disposal of waste, and suitable for the manufacture of products.” In this sense, plastic waste arises on the one hand, for example, from disposed packaging film, […]

A Welshman in East Frisia

Adam Constantine

An employee portrait of our logistician Adam Constantine Adam Constantine’s previous career path often required a balancing act between languages and cultures. He worked in various countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East. Looking back, he says that although it has always been interesting to adapt to different working and […]

Concrete and ENNEAFIL Sports Complex

ENNEAFIL Sports Complex

Concrete slabs reinforced with polyamide fibres instead of steel reinforced concrete — this is the decision faced by the builders of a sports complex in Dubai. The buildings of the sports facility have to withstand heat, sandstorms and the aggressive climate by the sea. The wall panels of the buildings could be created without conventional […]

World Recycling Day — always on March 18 — around the world

World Recycling Day

World Recycling Day has been celebrated on 18th March every year for the last five years. All over the world, events mark the importance of recycling. The idea is to campaign for the preservation of our natural resources so that we can secure the future of our planet. The East-Frisian company Enneatech AG has long […]

Quality control in the laboratory – Put through its paces

Quality control in the laboratory

To produce high-quality recycling-based PA granules and PA compounds, it’s necessary to look at the composition of both the incoming goods and end product – so a quality control in the laboratory. That’s why ENNEATECH’s laboratory specialists completely analyse the fibres supplied and the company’s end products. As standard, our laboratory staff examine raw materials […]

ok-power seal received – Guaranteed green electricity

green electricity solar panel on the roof

We are proud to have received the ok-power seal for this. Being an energy-intensive plastics processing company, ENNEATECH’s electricity consumption is naturally high. This trend is even increasing due to our new compounding line. To manufacture sustainable products that fully deserve our name, we’ve been using 100% green electricity since the beginning of 2021 – […]

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