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All processes just a click away

Mitarbeiter im Lager mit Barcode-Scanner

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software should help you run all business processes in the most optimised way possible. It forms the core of your activities, providing a central platform for managing all steps of the value chain as quickly and efficiently as possible. Obviously, not every ERP system is suitable for every business. Companies like […]

100% CO2-free and certified: We only use electricity from renewable energies

Test image for green electricity certificate

Our certificate for the purchase of 100 percent green electricity is also in the bag for this year. Plastics processing is naturally associated with high electricity consumption. In order to be able to offer truly sustainable products, the purchase of environmentally friendly electricity is therefore an important building block for us. We have already started […]

Health coaching at Enneatech

Teamfoto Enneatech beim Gesundheits-Coahing am Mitarbeitertag

“The compass can be reset,” says Daja Bildhauer, Chairwoman of the Enneatech Supervisory Board, reflecting on the afternoon with health coach Henning Doyen at Enneatech on 18 April. We offer our employees sustainability training every year, which we hope will help us take sustainable habits home with us and integrate them into our everyday lives. […]

Climate-friendly transportation

Eisenbahnschienen bei einem Sonnenuntergang

The central theme of Enneatech’s corporate philosophy is sustainability. Right at the top of the website it says: “Climate protection is one of the most urgent tasks of our time. This also applies to the plastics processing industry: every tonne ofCO2 saved benefits future generations.” However,CO2 is not only generated during the production of polyamide […]

On the trail of greenhouse gas emissions

Scopes of emissions

The latest headlines on global warming are worrying: according to a report published by the EU climate service Copernicus at the beginning of February 2024, the average global temperature exceeded 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial era for the first time in twelve months. The targets of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement have therefore […]

Family man with a passion for plastics

Portrait von Mitarbeiter Marcel Wallantin

An employee portrait of production management assistant Marcel Wallantin Marcel Wallantin actually wanted to join the US Marines after school – he had passed all the exams for his career and had already been accepted. But then a family member fell seriously ill and even then it was clear to the sporty young man: family […]

Return packaging to the recycling loop

Mitarbeiter mit Verpackung

Be it big bags, films, cardboard packaging, strapping, pallets, drums — most products cannot be transported from A to B without packaging material. Based on the amended EU Packaging Directive ((EU) 2018/852), which came into force in mid-2018, all EU countries have transposed the directive into individual laws — including Germany. Germany passed the Packaging […]

Reducing microplastics — plastic granulate under control

Entron eco Granulat in Behälter symbolisch für Mikroplastik reduzieren

The EU wants to reduce microplastics. It begins with an unwieldy title: “Draft Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the prevention of the release of plastic pellets to reduce environmental pollution by microplastics”. But what lies behind it concerns every company along the plastic granulate supply chain — producers, hauliers and […]

World champion Christmas 2023

Weihnachtskarte 2023 Teaser

We would like to express our sincere thanks for the good and trusting cooperation in what was another challenging year. We wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and a peaceful time to reflect on the really important things. May happiness, peace, many wonderful moments and, above all, good health accompany you in the […]

Sustainable environmental management with ISO 14001 certificate

ISO 14001 Certified Teaser

Environmental protection, energy reduction,CO2 reduction and high quality — these four factors go hand in hand at ENNEATECH. So after the quality and energy management certifications according to ISO 9001 and 50001, what could be more obvious than to also have the environmental management certified according to ISO 14001. Ilona Peters, responsible for quality management, […]

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