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Christmas Card 2022

Our Christmas Card 2022

A Christmas Poem about Climate Change by Hartmut Schoon

Climate change represents one of the greatest challenges of the 21st Century, and that is why we and our partners are working hard every day to implement sustainable development:

«What we do today determines what the world of tomorrow will look like.»

Marie Ebner von Eschenbach

We extend our heartfelt thanks for the strong and trusting partnership in what proved to be another challenging year.

We wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a peaceful time to reflect on those things that really matter.
May your new year be filled with peace, happiness, lots of lovely moments and, above all, health.

This year we have decided to donate the money set aside for Christmas presents to the Elternverein für krebskranke Kinder und ihre Familien in Ostfriesland und Umgebung e.V. – a local charity supporting the families of children with cancer.

Weihnachtsbob vorne


The far North Pole is Santa’s home,
And this is also widely known:
That he brought presents far and wide,
To young and old at Christmastide.

Toys, books and jewelry ready for his reindeer sleigh,
He packed them carefully in and silkily he sped away,
O’er ice and snow, the same procedure every year,
To bring us all a little bit of Christmas cheer.

But global warming is bad news for all mankind,
And Santa too, an urgent answer he must find.
Increasingly he had to drive o’er sand and stones,
To bring his presents into all the peoples’ homes.

And gliding on the icy oceans, firm and clear,
That is no more, it is the snow of yesteryear.
His battered reindeer sled is suff’ring wear and tear,
After all the years, it’s sadly just beyond repair.

Will Santa very soon be needing a new job?
No fear! He has an idea, he cries: «I need a bob!»
That glides so smoothly ‘cross the frozen ice and snow
From the wintry peaks to distant valleys down below.

And sailing far across the watery lakes and seas
With this new bob is easy, thankfully it is a breeze!
If the ice has thawed, you wait a little while and lo,
The E‑engine comes into use and off you go:

Across the wide, wide oceans or a great big lake
But also on the land, it’s just a piece of cake.
The runners, they come off, the wheels go on – of course,
Because he is not stupid, our dear Santa Claus.

And when on Christmas Eve, you see,
Presents under the tree for you and me,
Remember Santa Claus and his new bob so dear,
Merry Christmas to all and a Happy, Peaceful,
Bright New Year!

27 NOVEMBER 2022
Weihnachtsbob hinten

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