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trainee Svea Röben

Interview with our trainee Svea Röben

Svea Röben has now been training with us as an industrial clerk since 2020. We asked her how she experiences the training, how she likes it at ENNEATECH and what she plans for her professional future.

Would you like to introduce yourself?

I’m 21 years old and originally from the island of Wangerooge. After school, I was drawn to beautiful East Frisia. In my free time I like to play hockey and do a lot of things with friends.

Svea, what made you want to become an industrial clerk?

After school, it was really important for me to learn a challenging and versatile profession in which I deal with people. Training as an industrial clerk seemed ideal to me. As an industrial worker, you can do so many different tasks for so many different areas of the company. All this while cooperating with work colleagues, customers and suppliers.

And how did you then become aware of ENNEATECH?

When I discovered the job advertisement for the apprenticeship in the Ostfriesen Zeitung, I was interested straightaway. Especially seeing that ENNEATECH uses resource-saving raw materials for the production of plastic granulates – a concept I find important for our future. And I also wanted to learn more about that in my training. So I wrote an application. After the interview and internship day, I was really impressed by ENNEATECH. So I was delighted when I got the acceptance.
Svea Röben am Telefon

So it was also sustainability that drew you to ENNEATECH. What role does sustainability play in your private life?

I pay a lot of attention to sustainability in my private life. For example, I buy regional products whenever possible and avoid unnecessary packaging. To further reduce CO2 emissions, my latest goal is to buy an e‑bike and use it for my 13 km commute to work.

Back to work. What are your tasks at ENNEATECH?

As a trainee at ENNEATECH, you go through almost every department in the company during your training and see the processes and everyday life there. In Purchasing, for instance, I learned how to place orders and post delivery notes. In Sales, I received and processed orders from customers, while preparing order confirmations. And in Quality Assurance, I learned what is important for the quality of our granulates. So it always remains exciting.

How do you like your training so far?

I felt in good hands with ENNEATECH right from the start. My areas of responsibility are very broad and there’s always a lot to do. As a result, I learn something new every day. I also really appreciate that I get to work both supportively and independently. This way I can learn a lot from others and apply what I have learned. And if I have questions, my supervisors are always helpful. I also have my own office and my own workplace. So I feel fully integrated into the team.

In addition to your work at ENNEATECH, you will also attend vocational school. Where do you go to school and what is everyday life like there?

The two vocational schools in Aurich and Leer were considered, as ENNEATECH is located roughly in the middle. I chose Aurich. In the first year of training, I went to school two days a week for eight hours each. Now in the second year, it’s one more day. In class we learn theory and link it to practice. The reference to practice also makes it easier to understand the subject matter. The course material actually covers everything an industrial clerk needs to know – like accounting, business processes or human resources.
Svea Röben im Labor

What would you not have expected before your training?

I didn’t expect to be involved in so much official work as an apprentice and to be allowed to take on so much responsibility. Once I know the basics, I work with clients and suppliers on a more or less independent basis.

And your biggest highlight?

Definitely the visit to the plastics recycling fair in Essen last year. The most important professionals in the industry meet at this fair. You experience the industry in a completely different way. I also finally got to know many suppliers or customers in person – the very people I usually communicate with by email or phone.

What are your plans for the future?

The most important thing for me is to start working properly and to gain a foothold in the profession with a permanent position. Of course, I would prefer to stay with ENNEATECH. Besides this. I’d like to continue to develop after my training and always grow with new tasks. Otherwise, I’m still very open and look forward to everything that comes.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a new apprenticeship now?

Personal initiative and motivation are the key and make the work really exciting. At the beginning, of course, it’s still a transition from school life to work life. But it’s definitely worth staying tuned!
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Photos by © Fräulein Foto — Marthe Lind

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